John P. Oliver, II

Mr. Oliver is the senior partner in the Oliver-Treadwell law firm which traces the current firm along with its predecessor firms† back to 1889.

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Mark Allen Treadwell, †III

Mr. Treadwell joined the† firm in 1993 after three years of practicing in Birmingham.

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Oliver-Treadwell traces its heritage to July 1889. It was on that date that J. Percy Oliver (1866-1943) was admitted to practice law in the Chancery Court of Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Thereafter, J. Percy Oliver maintained a local general practice in Dadeville, Alabama, with various partners and associates. He also served as Probate Judge of Tallapoosa County for many years.

Judge Oliverís practice was later assumed and continued by his son, Samuel W. Oliver (Mr. Sam) (1904-1967). Mr. Samís country law practice encompassed a wide ranging field of client representation. Mr. Sam was prominently known throughout the State of Alabama as one of its most effective litigators in the defense of criminal and automobile liability cases.

Shortly after Mr. Samís untimely death, his son and associate, John P. Oliver, II (1942-), grandson of Judge J. Percy Oliver, assumed the practice. He is the senior partner of Oliver-Treadwell, P.C.

As a solo practitioner between 1967 and 1971, John P. Oliver, II, continued his predecessorsí general law practice and branched out into the fields of plaintiff personal injury representation, consumer law, and real estate development and acquisitions. In 1971, the firm was constituted as Oliver & Sims with the addition of L. Lee Sims.

In 1993, Mark Allen Treadwell, III, joined the firm as an associate and became a partner in 2002. Mark Allen Treadwell, a lifelong resident of Dadeville, Alabama, shifted his solo practice in Birmingham, Alabama, back to his hometown and has practiced with the firm since then. With the departure of Mr. Sims in 2002, the firm became constituted as Oliver-Treadwell, P.C.

In addition to its two lawyers, the firm now employs two legal assistants. Additionally, Mr. Oliverís wife, Melissa V. Oliver, serves in an as needed consulting capacity on political and domestic relations issues.

The firm continues to represent a variety of institutional and business clients as well as individuals in personal injury cases, real estate transactions, domestic relations, and criminal defense.

The firm is located at 129 West Columbus Street and 141 West Columbus Street in the historic Dennis building.


129 and 141West

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John P. Oliver, II

Mark Allen Treadwell, III

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